Lifeline Medical Alert Service

Confidence, Independence, Peace of Mind

Since 1974, Philips Lifeline Medical Alert Service has been helping millions to live at home more safely, independently and confidently. Lifeline is simple to use — just press your personal help button worn around your neck (or wrist) to summon assistance in an emergency, or anytime help is needed.

Reliability Guaranteed

Philips Lifeline assembles and tests its products right here in the United States, and performs monthly self-checks to monitor its equipment. If a power failure or low battery situation is detected, the Lifeline Response Center is notified and follows up. All pendants are durable and waterproof.

Lifeline Is Right for Anyone Who Is or May:

  • Be alone–day or night
  • Be an older adult who may need help
  • Have a disability
  • Be prone to falling (or has a fear of falling)
  • Have been hospitalized or have visited the Emergency Room in the past year
  • Suffer from a chronic ailment, such as: heart disease, stroke, COPD, osteoporosis, diabetes, or arthritis
  • Use an an assistive device (such as a cane or walker) to walk or get around

How It Works

1) Summon help – Push your Lifeline alert button. If you have the AutoAlert option, an alert is sent when a fall is detected.

2) Hear a reassuring voice – A Lifeline Response Associate will quickly respond and assess your situation.

3) Know help is on the way – Lifeline will contact a neighbor, loved one, caregiver, or emergency services based on your needs, then follow up to make sure help has arrived.

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