Lifeline Medical Alert buttons enable people who are at risk of falling to live more safely and independently. Whether it’s an emergency related to a fall or chronic condition, or you’re simply not feeling well, press your button anytime you need help. Lifeline Response Center agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How Lifeline Works

  1. Summon Help – Push your Lifeline alert button. If you have the AutoAlert option, an alert is sent automatically when a fall is detected.
  2. Hear a Reassuring Voice – A Lifeline agent will quickly respond and assess your situation.
  3. Help Is on the Way – Lifeline will contact a neighbor, loved one, caregiver, or emergency services based on your needs, then follow up to make sure help has arrived.
Lifeline Medical Alert buttons and communicators

Choose Your Lifeline Service

HomeSafe gives you fast access to the help in and around the home. When you push your Lifeline help button, worn as a pendant or wristband, you’ll be quickly connected to our Response Center for assistance. HomeSafe costs $29.95/month with a landline phone (or $43.95/month with cell service).

HomeSafe with AutoAlert provides all the benefits of our standard home system, plus AutoAlert fall detection. Having AutoAlert means if a loved one falls and is unable to press their button, a help call will still be sent to our Response Center when a fall is detected. HomeSafe with AutoAlert costs $44.95/ month with a landline phone (or $58.95/month with cell service).

GoSafe 2 is ideal for people who spend a good deal of time outside of their homes. GoSafe 2 includes multiple, advanced locating technologies, automatic fall detection, and two-way voice communication all in a light, comfortable, easy-to-wear pendant. Pricing is $49.95/month (cell service only), plus a one-time fee of $99.95 for the pendant. Please note, GoSafe 2 is not recommended for people who have an implanted cardiac device.

Philips Cares Phone App

The Philips Cares phone app, included with Lifeline service, allows caregivers, family and friends to manage their loved one’s care together. Download the Philips Cares app on your phone or computer in order to:

  • Manage your account
  • Share notes with your caring circle
  • View your Lifeline device status
  • Manage your availability to respond to a call

Order Lifeline Today

Call 1.800.242.1306  Ext. 4874 to order Lifeline Medical Alert Service and ask questions. With Lifeline, there is no long term contract and no cancellation fee. Community VNA is a Lifeline Care Partner, so we are able to offer the following discounts.

Community VNA Coupon – Save $69.95

Get free activation and free shipping ($69.95 value). Use coupon code: 09PZ9Q  T8PK  MA758 when you call. New subscribers only.

Veterans Discount

Veterans get free activation, free shipping, plus 30% off the monthly subscription costs. Use coupon code: 09PZ9Q  USAV  MA758 when you call. Thank you for your service.