Payroll Coordinator

Position Type Benefited Part Time 32 hrs
Hours Per Week 32
Education Level Associate Degree
Years Of Experience 3-5 hrs
Position Status Now Hiring!
Location Attleboro, MA

Job Responsibilities

Prepares and maintains payrolls for Community Health Systems and subsidiary corporations on an automated system. Compiles, analyzes information and prepares payment vouchers for voluntary and other miscellaneous deductions. Maintains employee payroll records and master files. Oversees, monitors IRS quarterly and year-end reports and schedules prepared by payroll vendor. Reconciles payroll data against general ledger accounts. Responds to requests from administration, human resources, managers, employees, IRS and outside agencies in compliance with Company policies.

Responsible for preparation of monthly payroll related accounting entries and workers’ compensation information.

Job Requirements

  • Prepares Community Health Systems and affiliated corporation payrolls
  • Codes, inputs data into information system, and audits all hours reported by employees
  • Ensures all hours paid in conformance with established Company policies and Federal & State regulations
  • Reports significant discrepancies to Controller
  • Follows-up day sheet and timesheet errors with reporting Manager
  • Reviews data entry, exceptions, transmission control errors and other reports to verify accurate input of payroll data
  • Maintains required documentation in employee’s payroll files and implements changes to voluntary payroll deductions and tax deductions, as indicated by payroll change notice or personnel to payroll form
  • Prepares payment vouchers for tax shelter annuities, garnishments, United Way and other miscellaneous deductions on a biweekly basis
  • Ensures payroll service vendor properly implements, maintains and updates payrolls in accordance with Federal & State tax tables and Company policies
  • Maintains employee’s payroll master files on a current basis, making adjustments for changes in benefit accruals and retroactive pay changes
  • Prepares paychecks for terminations (manually calculated when necessary), retroactive pay
    increases, timecard errors, and deduction refunds, using information from request forms,
    timesheets, benefit accrual reports and human resource information
  • On a monthly basis, coordinates and reconciles parent and affiliated corporations’ payroll
    system to the respective general ledgers, 941 reconciliations
  • Reconciles YTD earnings report to W-2’s prior to generation of final W-2 earnings
    statement for all corporation
  • Prepares monthly payroll entries inclusive but not limited to, accrued payroll, vacation
    accruals, parent management fee
  • Assists Accounting staff and Controller in:
    -preparation of internal audit controls and reviews related to wage and salary policies
    -prepares inter-company allocation of life insurance, dental insurance, disability insurance, health insurance, United Way, Tax Shelter  Annuities for Senior Bookkeeper/Accounts Payable function
  • Responsible to monitor and ensure Health Wyse information system capturing and
    calculating all related payroll information
  • Positively contributes to all phases of the Quality Assessment Performance Improvement
    (QAPI) program. Contributions may include; identification of problem areas;
    recommendations to address problem areas; data collection; attendance at periodic QAPI
    meetings or participation in performance improvement projects
  • Demonstrates a desire to set and meet objectives and to find increasingly efficient methods to perform tasks
  • Completes work and documentation with accuracy and within established time frames
  • Maintains professionalism throughout all aspects of the job
    Is customer focused in performing responsibilities, addressing payroll customer,
    (employees & management) concerns and issues
  • Ensures confidentiality of all payroll information
  • Distributes paychecks, timesheets, and payroll reports in a timely manner
  • Responds to employees’ and managers’ questions, concerns and problems regarding
    payroll and benefit accrual calculations
  • Replies to authorized requests for confidential payroll information from IRS, Unemployment, banking institutions, and other outside agencies
  • Accurately prepares inter-company allocations and payroll accounting entries
  • Other duties as identified and assigned, report writing and requests

Job Qualifications

• Associates Degree in Business Administration, Accounting or three to five years experience in accounting and payroll processes
• Must possess in depth knowledge, understanding and applications of IRS and state tax regulations
• Experience, understanding and demonstrated competency of payroll information systems and their processes