March 9, 2020

Caregiver for your elder loved one – a full-time job you never applied for and one with no training manual to help guide you.  Regardless of this, you dove right into the role and are giving it your all, learning as you go.  You may feel like you can do this all on your own.  You may believe that you should do this all on your own.  You may even think that if you really are a good, loving caregiver, you wouldn’t need any help.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Nothing could have fully prepared you for this.  And yet, everything you have done up to this very point in your life has given you the basic tools you need.  These tools are what helped lay the foundation for this monumental gift of kindness and devotion you give to your loved one every day.

Still, even with all the right tools, the challenges you face as caregiver can be overwhelming.  Trying to balance caring for your loved one with finding time for yourself and other family members can feel nearly impossible.  You may find that some of the relationships and activities that once brought you joy and helped make your life, your life, have become neglected or discarded altogether. All this leads to increased stress and fewer release opportunities.

So, when is it time for extra care?  Here are five signs that the time may be now:

  • Assisting your loved one with activities such as bathing and dressing is becoming physically demanding.
  • You cannot find time for the errands and chores that your loved one needs assistance with, such as housekeeping, laundry, ironing and meal preparations.
  • Your own home and work commitments are being overlooked in order to fulfill your caregiver responsibilities.
  • Your loved one only requires transportation and someone, not necessarily you, to assist him/her to doctor’s appointments, social functions and shopping.
  • You are beginning to experience symptoms of “caregiver burnout” which can leave you mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted. 

Community VNA is here to help.  Community VNA Private Care offers a full menu of supportive services, provided for as little as two hours to as many as twenty-four hours per day.  We can help your loved one with a wide variety of personal care needs, helping him/her to remain independent in their own home.  Community VNA Private Care can also help with such things as housekeeping, laundry/ironing, meal preparation, shopping and errands, arranging and transportation to appointments, caring for pets and plants, and many other tasks; freeing you up from the day to day chores, and giving you time for some much needed self-care. Private Care can help reduce your caregiving stress and restore balance to your life

Community VNA also offers Adult Day Health Care in Mansfield, Norwood and Taunton, Caregiver Support, Alzheimer’s & Dementia Support, and Parkinson’s Disease Support groups in Attleboro.

To learn more or to set up services, please contact us at 508.222.0118, or visit our website:

Additional caregiver resources can be found online or by phone at:

  • Caregiver Action Network

        Phone:  1.855.227.3640

  • Mass Options – Access to Care to Elders and People with Disabilities

         Phone:  1. 844.422.6277